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About Some of Our Services

Sports Massage

Sports massage is the specific application of a combination of techniques, including Swedish massage, rhythmic compression, various stretches and releases, neuromuscular and myofascial techniques.  It can also include lymphatic facilitation to treat injuries and manage inflammation.  People seek sports massage for a variety of desired outcomes, such as general recovery, relief of pain and soreness, improvement of functional and range-of-motion limitations, relief from injuries such as acute or chronic sprains and strains, repetitive use and neurovascular compression syndromes, and overall enhancement of performance.  Benefits may include: decreased anxiety, stress, and/or depression, enhanced sense of well-being and mental focus, improved sleep pattern, identification of areas of tension or soreness to be addressed before an injury occurs, and a kinesthetically enhanced sense of ease with movement.

Categories of Sports Massage

1. Event (pre-event, inter-event or post-event)
2. Maintenance - to minimize the negative effects of exercise and keep you training and competing at your highest level by maintaining tissue flexibility and muscle relaxation
3. Treatment - to enhance the healing process and help you return to full activity more quickly.  This category is focused and limited to the injured joint or muscle and its surrounding tissue.

Source:  Therapeutic Massage in Athletics by Pat Archer.  Lippincott, Williams and Wilkens. © 2006


There are 3 main categories of relaxation that are relatively distinct and notable, for a variety of reasons.
1) Stress and anxiety reduction, 2) Contractile tissue release, 3) Restoration of vitality.  A combination of these intentions and techniques yields the most beneficial bodywork session for almost everyone. General massage techniques calm the Autonomic Nervous System, slowing the overall metabolism of the body.  The resulting calmness allows for greater body awareness and a subsequent release of sustained contractions in the muscles from residual tension, or “guarding.” Increasing the functional integrity and connection of different body parts and body systems maximizes an individual’s vital flow on a systemic level.

Therapeutic Massage and Injury Rehabilitation

Therapeutic massage for injury rehabilitation focuses on supporting recovery from a specific bodily injury or injuries.  Therapists evaluate the nature and severity of the injury, the current stage of recovery, take into account whatever other treatments the patient or client is currently undergoing, and whatever goals they have established.  Key benefits of massage therapy for patients or clients seeking injury rehabilitation are: improved circulation, reduction of scar tissue, enhanced joint range-of-motion, enhanced relaxation and overall sense of well-being. Therapeutic massage techniques that are likely to be applied are: normalization of soft tissue, lymphatic techniques as needed, myofascial release techniques, neuromuscular techniques including facilitated stretches, hydrotherapy (application of cold or heat), and positional releases, as well as self-care and self-massage instructions.

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Robb Seal

About Robb Seal

Robb founded Premier Bodywork in Madison, Wisconsin in June of 2014. With almost 15 years as a Licensed Massage Therapist, he has worked successfully with a vast array of individuals and treated a wide range of movement restrictions, pain patterns, and other specific conditions. He graduated with honors from the Boulder College of Massage Therapy (BCMT) in 2004, with over 1100 hours of training and coursework in: Swedish Massage, Neuromuscular Techniques, Zen Shiatsu, Anatomy and Physiology, Pathology, and more. Robb joined the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) in 2004, and has been board certified by the NCBTMB since 2005.  He has served as a teaching assistant, supervisor, and professional mentor in massage therapy, as well as an instructor of Tai-chi chuan. Robb began his career studying holistic approaches to health at the Hanna Kroeger School of Natural Healing in 1999.  


At Premier Bodywork, we are dedicated to continually learning and excelling at our craft, so that we can be the best practitioners of therapeutic bodywork, supporters of personal growth and achievement, and overall resource for general wellness in the community of Madison, Wisconsin.