Therapeutic Message & Movement Education Wisconsin License # 12703-146
Premier Bodywork LLC

Services Offered

Injury Rehabilitation Massage

Results: relief of pain, rehabilitation from injuries, improvement of mobility and function, increase of strength​, overall relaxation

Techniques used: deep tissue, myofascial, neuromuscular & trigger point work, positional release, cross fiber friction, facilitated stretching

Sports Massage (General or Specific)

Results: improved circulation, increased tissue recovery, maximized body mechanics, enhanced athletic performance, relaxation

Techniques used: body mechanics analysis, Swedish massage, deep tissue, myofascial, neuromuscular & trigger point work, facilitated stretching

Integrative Therapeutic Massage 

Results: enhanced recognition (and release) of somatic restrictions, deepening insight into the physical effects of past experiences and an overall feeling of wholeness and connection.  A total body and total being experience!

Techniques: feedback-based dialogue, creative visualizations, breath coaching, strokes and techniques which deepen awareness from core to periphery.


Qi is defined as vital life force energy.  It moves through the body along predictable pathways (meridians).  Qigong techniques are used for evaluating, supporting and re-directing the flow of qi through these meridians to restore balance and maximize vitality

all of these styles may include recommendations 

regarding self-care, and a variety of resources for approaches to wellness

Rates for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork
​Madison, Wisconsin office

Standard Rates

60 minutes $85

90 minutes $120

120 minutes $150

seniors (60 minutes) $75

youth (50 minutes) $70

Packages (60 minute sessions)

4 sessions $320

10 sessions $750

Memberships* (60 minute sessions)

$70 per month (with 12-month commitment)

$75 per month (with open-ended agreement)

*sessions must be paid for by monthly ACH withdrawal from a personal checking or savings account, and must be used 1 per calendar month

All sessions include ongoing assessment and evaluation of progress toward goals

​Call for corporate or event chair massage rates!